Tillandsia Air Plants

Wholesale Tillandsia Air Plants are Stocked Year Round in Surrey, BC, Canada

Large orders & Specialty Air Plants are by Pre-Order.

Prices ending with .99 are marked at retail see actual item page for wholesale quantity pricing.

Winter shipments outside of Metro Vancouver area can only be shipped by Air Overnight or by One of the following heated services on your account. Plants are shipped at your own risk. We use heat packs and peanuts to insulate the plants.   Loomis & UPS ground may be used when weather permits.

Clark Freightways: www.clarkfreightways.com 
ProFloral Express: www.profloral.ca
West Coast Floral: www.westcoastfloral.com

No appointment is necessary - No retail sales - Yes call for stock availability

Yes add some Shells to your order they are the perfect natural vase.

Yes Tillandsia air plants are perfect for reptile tanks they love the humid heat.

Our Prices are better than Hawaiian Botanicals Richmond BC

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