Shipping Information

  • Tropitek's shipping charges are the same as all other wholesale companies out there
  • We charge the actual shipping fee that UPS, Loomis or the trucking company charges us.
  • Our shopping cart cannot calculate the exact amount of charges due to so many variables involved with our unique product line. We really wish that all our items came in nice uniform boxes like electronics do but they do not.
  • If you do not understand this then you are not a true reseller for this is how the giftware business works.
  • It is advisable to let us keep your payment details on file for faster service. We cannot send your order to our shipping department without a form of payment already in hand. 
  • Orders may be picked up from our cash and carry warehouse and you are welcome to browse our isles.


  • No taxes are charged on any USA orders and most items are duty free. 
  • Canadian Taxes: General taxes are charged on all orders in accordance with Revenue Canada.
  • BC Customers: You are responsible for giving us your PST # at the time of your first order, we will assume you do not have a PST # and charge it until told different. Refunds cannot be given on PST once your order has been shipped & Invoiced. (ordering online is not classed as invoiced)