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TROPI-ROCKS™  Landscaping Gravel, 

Pebbles, Rocks, Aquarium Gravel and 

Coral Sand. Located in Surrey, BC

    We have 25 types of colorful landscaping pebbles, rocks and gravel that is not found in Many garden centers or home depots.

With the dry weather trend, limited watering days and raccoons and crows digging for grubs. Many are taking up the grass off the front lawn and replacing it with Mediterranean or Japanese style low maintenance designer rock and pebble gardens. Accented by water features and pottery with seasonal plants. Many sizes are available in multiple colors.

Green Jade - Lava ovals - White Sand - Maroon - Peach - Grey's - Blacks & more... Jade garden rocks... Bonsai Topper Rocks... Hardscaping Substrate for Aquarium's

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