Retail & Wholesale World of Change

Jun 30, 2018

    Over the Decades the retail world has changed hugely. In the 80's & 90's Canadian retailers were booming and it has been a slippery slope since then. Dollar stores bought up wholesalers dead stock for 65 cents or less and sold it for a dollar, when the junk was gone they then had the buying power to purchase from third world countries to buy their overstock items. We then saw the Dollar stores prices going higher when they had to purchase quality stock at real costs.

   Big box discount stores moved in to cater to the discount market and was the downfall of the giant household names trying to regain market share. They did this by cutting out the wholesaler & the distributor, they offered lower prices which also came with lower profit margins making it harder and harder to cover increasing rent & labor costs. We have seen many big guys fall hard over the years ..

    Wholesale trade shows have also been on the decline year after year & not profitable at all for today's wholesale companies. The small family owned retailers volume is not there anymore because of the online stores watering down the market. Online businesses such as Amazon are creating a high carbon footprint world delivering $10 items to your door for a few dollars which is truly impossible to maintain at today's fuel prices. 

    The retail trade has been built on a chain of suppliers so they can maintain a great mixture of products without having to purchase a huge amount of stock of One particular item. This has been the traditional wholesaler's job & If this changes we will see our Main streets become ghost towns full of charity shops. Buy local.. Buy from your wholesaler.. Buy from your local retail stores in person.. Support small business.. Let our economy grow & boom before we head into another recession....

    Lessons learnt.. Do not be greedy... Let your chain of suppliers and service agents prosper to let the Canadian economy grow to be able to maintain our way of life with great healthcare, services and transportation. 

    My Grandmother started our family business and we have survived to 4 generations working within her creation, soon to be 5 generations.

    Her quote " Man is but a simple fool.. When it's hot he wants it cool.. When it's cool he wants it hot.. Always wanting what it's not..  Mona Westray Sharpe