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Recommend Giftware Wholesalers

BC Gift Group Wholesale

Our list of other Canadian wholesale companies that supplement our products. Support Canadian businesses.

Rama Candles

Gel Candles with an Ocean Theme and Deluxe Soy Candles

Intertrade Canada Ltd

Gift basket fillers. Food items to put into our baskets & trays.

Located 7 minutes away from Tropitek.

Voyageur Soap & Candle Co Ltd

Our packaging items like basket filler, cello bags & sheets can be used to package soaps & candles.

Located 2 minutes away from Tropitek. 

Golden Top Enterprises Co Ltd

First Nation Canadiana gift items & clothing.

Located 17 minutes away from Tropitek.

Tribal Roots Imports. Beaded Gifts made by Indigenous woman in Guatemala to be able to support herself.

Sansaara Living

Products that will inspire and motivate you to be fearless in creating the world you want to live in.

Bear Hill Studio / Dazzling Gourmet

Canadian made gifts and home decor. Wholesaler of Canadian themed magnets, ornaments and handcrafted gifts.

Support West coast businesses.

Bee By The Sea Natural ProductsSEA BUCKTHORN & HONEY Products Made in Canada

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