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Apr 17, 2019

Tropitek now has 2 online ordering platforms

    This website you are now on www.tropitek.net/wholesale is now primarily for new wholesale customers. Once a new customer places an order & we have their full business details, we then send out a invite to our B2B platform which as a totally separate login page & database. Accept the invite, enter your email and new password and your in. No items can be viewed on the B2B until you login at www.tropitek.ca

www.tropitek.ca is our prefered online ordering platform & features the following.

  1. Super Fast browsing speeds.
  2. Live stock levels. Less already ordered items, so no waiting until we open to confirm we have what you need.
  3. Stock ordered is immediately reserved for your order in line by time ordered.
  4. You are inputting your own order directly into our business system for faster shipping and no lost in translation hiccups
  5. View your orders past and present online anytime 24/7 (if placed on B2B)
  6. Be the first to see new items.
  7. Add a required by date if a specific delivery date is requested (we will do our best to meet your needs, but we cannot guarantee we can grant your wish on rush orders every time and in peak seasons.)
  8. Add credit card details in a secure comment field.
  9. Friendly search engine to get you where you wanna go fast. Example: Type "Tiss" & Tissue paper pops up. Type part of a code number "herb" &  all items with herb in the code or description will appear. For best results search our whole list, once in a category it will only search within that category. Click all to go back to all item search.
  10. Sold out items could be back in stock in a few days, a week, or months. We will email you to keep you in the loop. It is best to order these items so we know it is in demand.
  11. Make as many orders as you need to organize your shipments. Example: Ship now, Ship May 1st 2030
  12. Standing orders for items you know you need month after month.
  13. So much more to explore..

Password Recovery on both sites is ify please call or email if you need assistance.

FAQ  for  www.tropitek.net/wholesale 

  1. How do i get to the actual item page to view the full item details?    Click Here shown below..