New lowers shipping rates

Apr 3, 2019

Yes we have negotiated new lower shipping rates to all areas.

Please note that the more you order the lower your shipping cost ratio will be.

Order $500.00 and pay 10 to 15%

Order $100.00 and pay 25 to 35% depending on your area.

Order 1 Bamboo blind and expect to pay the same value or more of the blind cost.

How much does it cost you in gas to get to work? Makes our shipping look pretty good hey?

How to calculate your landed cost ratio of a shipment.

Total cost of order including shipping and other costs =

Divide by the actual cost of goods = your cost ratio figure

multiply item cost by the cost ratio = your actual cost including shipping. Example: $1 x 1.6 = $1.60

multiply by you profit margin and round up or down to get your retail store selling price to the consumer.

Example: $1 x 1.6 = $1.60 x 2 = $3.20 = sell at $3.25 to $3.99 depending on the items perceived value.