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Thaikimer Quartz Diamonds

    Thaikimer Quartz Diamonds are found in Huai Yang sub-district, & Khon Sarn district, Chaiyaphum province, in Northeastern Thailand. About two years ago, a group of construction workers uncovered a small amount of quartz crystals that looked just like Herkimer diamonds. They were found in a town called Kaset Somboon in Northeastern Thailand.

    This was a small find but it did get rumors to start circulating that there's Herkimer like Quartz in Thailand. Sure enough our friend Chan, was the next person to discover this type of quartz in Chaiyaphum province. Only he didn't find a small amount. He found large amounts, spread out over a big area in Khon Sarn district, Chaiyaphum province. 

    What made his discovery so special was the fact that he didn't just find double terminated quartz crystals, he also found a large amount of crystals of this type containing moving enhydro bubbles. 

Double Terminated, Golden Healers, Carbon Quartz Crystals, Enhydro Bubbles 

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