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Covid-19 Protocols

Covid-19 Protocols and Appointment Details

Cash & carry in store self picking is now by appointment only for customers spending $1000 or more. 

To qualify for instore shopping you must have had 2 vaccines for Covid-19 and wait 2 weeks after the last shot.

1. Appointments must be made 48 hours ahead of time. Time slots are 10 am, 1pm and 330pm. Please note any no show appointments will be subject to a $50 fee. All rescheduled appointment requests must be made 2 days in advance. We understand if there are emergency situations, but please kindly note we work very hard to create private appointments. Late arrival appointments are subject to rescheduling if no contact has been made with our team.

2. Items that do not need to be hand picked for specific shapes & quality reasons must be pre-ordered on our B2b at Examples: Jewellery, Incense, smudge, worry stones etc.. We will have this part of your order ready so it speeds up your visit and allows you more time for hand picking goods.

We are shipping orders out & doing curbside pickups with masks. Pickup orders must be picked up within a 5 day period.

Orders must be placed online & prepaid prior to pickup unless you have terms.

Furthermore, we have decided to launch Video Sales Calls for volume customers through WhatsApp, Facetime, Google Duo and Messenger. Please kindly contact us to setup an appointment as many of you are already doing this and are having a positive experience.

We recognize this is a challenging time for everyone.  Our hearts go out to those directly affected by Covid-19.

As Dr. Bonnie Henry says, “Be kind, be calm and be safe.”  We’re all in this together.