Cello Basket Bags

Cello Basket Bags make gift basket construction very fast & easy.

  • Basket Bags are a great time saver never roll out another roll of cello again.
  • Made from our Premium Crystal Clear 25 & 30 Micron Top Quality BOPP film
  • It's The Best! and is also food safe FDA approved.

    Basket bags are flat with no side gussets. To calculate what size you will need measure the width (or diameter) of your basket or box and then measure the length from the front to the back. Add the 2 measurements together and round up to the nearest size bag. For example: If your basket is 12" wide and 12" in length you will need a 25" wide by 30" tall basket bag.

    Please note: In peak seasons priority of fulfilling orders is for customers that order Baskets, ribbon, bows and basket filler from Tropitek... Stock is reserved for these premium customers. Basket bag only orders will be filled as stock levels allow.  

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