Natural Wood Excelsior

  • Sold by the 1 lb. bag, 15 lb. box, 25 lb. box or 75 lb. bale
  • Available in Medium & Regular cut
  • Used for gift baskets, packaging, store display & more

  • What is excelsior? Excelsior consists of thin, curled strands of premium grade all natural Great Lakes Aspen which have small barbed edges that provide an interlocking feature. Excelsior is highly resilient, which is the ability to readily expand after compression, and is also biodegradable. In the United States & Canada, excelsior has no other general name. However, in many other countries, excelsior is commonly known and referred to as wood wool or American Moss. The combination of resiliency and the interlocking features of the excelsior fibers make excelsior highly suitable for many diverse applications.
  • Is excelsior environmentally friendly? Definitely yes!! The excelsior fibers consist of all natural premium grade Great Lakes Aspen wood fibers which are naturally biodegradable.
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